The Restau­rant

Zur Letz­ten Instanz

The restau­rant „Zur letz­ten Instanz” is the eldest restau­rant in Ber­lin and ranks among the sights of the capi­tal. Its ori­gin is in 1621, when a for­mer equestri­an ser­vant of the elec­tor ope­ned a gin mill at this place. The restau­rant got its pre­sent name when main­ly guests from the near­by court came to drink their expe­ri­en­ces ”in the last instance”. His­to­ric addi­ti­ons sur­vi­ved des­pi­te the recon­struc­tion after the war, even Napo­le­on hims­elf was ser­ved in the restau­rant at the tiled sto­ve. Our histo­ry, the two restau­rants, pri­va­te room and beer gar­den invi­te our guests to stay. Ber­lin cui­sine a la car­te with exclu­si­ve regio­nal pro­ducts and fresh beer on tap ensu­re culi­na­ry moments in ori­gi­nal ambiance.


Berlin´s Tra­di­ti­on


The plain, three- storey town house along the medi­eval wall were built in the second part of the 13th cen­tu­ry. The first docu­men­ta­ry men­ti­on of the pre­sent restau­rant buil­ding dates from the year 1561. In 1621 a for­mer equestri­an ser­vant of the elec­tor at the time laid the foun­da­ti­on of the pre­sent restau­rant with the ope­ning of gin mill- „Bie­der­mei­er­stüb­chen“ .

In the 1920s the restau­rant estab­lis­hed incre­a­singly and the visits of famous figu­res like Hen­ry Por­ten, Char­lie Chap­lin, Hein­rich Zil­le, Cla­ra Zet­kin, Wil­helm Raa­be or Otto Nagel beca­me more frequent.

In 1924, after the con­struc­tion of the courthouse in the near­by Lit­ten­stra­ße, the restau­rant got its pre­sent name. After World War II the buil­ding had been res­to­red true to ori­gi­nal and in 1963 it was reope­ned. To date the restau­rant could defy the influ­en­ces of more than four cen­tu­ries and sur­vi­ve for the satis­fac­tion of the guests.


Our two restau­rants con­nec­ted by a baro­que cir­cu­lar stair­ca­se offer seats for 120 guests. The medi­eval buil­ding was res­to­red com­ple­te­ly but the his­to­ric addi­ti­ons and the ori­gi­nal inte­rior sur­vi­ved from the ground up. The first steps on the old brick floor alo­ne place you back to the „good old time“. Nume­rous fur­nis­hings, drawings, pain­tings and pho­to­graphs tell about bygo­ne days. The eldest and most famous part of the inte­rior is the tiled sto­ve- more than 200 years old- here Napo­le­on sat and trea­ted hims­elf to some fine food alrea­dy. In addi­ti­on to the restau­rant a pri­va­te room with a big table and a roman­tic beer gar­den along the medi­eval town wall are avail­ab­le for you.

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