Wee­kly Menu

Our wee­kly chan­ging menu

Ope­ning hours

Tues­day till Sunday bet­ween 12:00 – 00:00 am
Plea­se obser­ve all cur­rent hygie­ne mea­su­res when visi­t­ing our restau­rant.

this week

quiche | spi­n­ach beet

green beans stew | lamb | spi­ced bun

arti­cho­ke | sau­ce cho­ron | gar­lic brio­che

pota­toe souf­flé | mushroom ragout (15 min pre­pa­ra­ti­on time)

chi­cken fri­cas­sé | car­rots | pilaw rice | sprouts

pike perch | blood sau­sa­ge | crea­med sauer­kraut | small pota­toes

catch of the day (sal­mon) | spi­n­ach | fondant pota­toes

Blohmeyer´s raw milk cheese | fruit bread

Hinkel´s bread for a snack

cho­co­la­te trif­le á la Black For­rest

Our clas­sics

Pick­led pork brawn | Sc. gri­biche | pick­les

knuck­le of pork | pea puree | sauer­kraut | hor­se­ra­dish

veal liver| apple | car­rots | spring leek

meat­balls in savou­ry sau­ce | caper­ber­ries | mas­hed pota­to-pars­ley

gril­led knuck­le of pork | red cab­ba­ge

white cab­ba­ge rou­la­de | bacon | cara­way jus

stuf­fed beef rou­la­de | bone mar­row | man­gold

moun­tain cheese dum­pling | velou­té | toma­to jam

side dis­hes

Pic­tures from our cur­rent and the pre­vious wee­kly menu

Pay­ment opti­ons: cash, EC card, Visa and Mas­ter­card credit card (from 50 euros)